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Favymart is an online Indian Grocery and Herbal Store providing best quality, varieties of Indian food and Herbal Products. We are currently delivering Organic Groceries, Fibre rich Millets, Pure Ghee Sweets & Snacks, Spicy Masala Powders and Wood Pressed Oils, Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Pickles, Ayurveda and Herbal products to boost Immunity from Indian best brands and many more to enhance your taste buds.

The unmoved Indus civilisation is heart for India’s richness in Worlds best Heritage and Culture. People across the World when they hear about the name “Indian” or “India”, the first thing that comes to their mind is Indian Traditions, Cultures, Ayurveda, Food, Art and Way of Living. We at Favymart are here to bring the Indian tradition close to each and every one of you.


About Indian Foods, different flavors, variety of Indians Dishes, Spicy Pickles, Freshly made spicy powders & Flours and of course mouthwatering Sweets have been the favourite for the people across the globe. We at Favymart know the pulse of every customer and bring every Indian food for you just a click away.

We strive to keep our Indian Pure Ghee Sweets & Andhra Spicy Veg and Non Veg Pickles sections updated with freshly homemade products to enhance your taste buds.  We have special section for Indian snacks and instant food (ready to eat food items) which will add to your table and evening snacks.


The Festive feel for every Indian comes with festive decoration and with Indian Traditional Flower Fragrance at home which come with Indian traditional incense sticks. The Indian traditional wear for any Festival give the feel that we are so close to our Tradition and Festival.  The Idols of Indian Gods and Goddesses make the environment more traditional at your place. At Favymart bring every possible product to keep you close to your traditions and culture.

Grocery and Spices

We have very well balanced sub categories for all your grocery needs. In groceries section you name it and we deliver it for you. Starting from Pulses, Millets, Spices, Flours, Dry fruits, Nuts, Ghee and Wood Presses/Cold pressed Oils, you will find all in our Grocery and Spices section. As we all know the Indian Spices when added to any food items gives a special aroma and rich taste to the food itself. Here at Favymart we deliver the organically grown pulses and spices at your doorstep.


Millets are Rich sources of Fibre which is very good for our Digestive System, may promote weight loss and adds many other health benefits by adding them to our daily meals. These days Millets are suggested by many Dietitians, Fitness enthusiasts because of its major health benefits and they were added as a part of diet.  Millets are preferred by most of the people around the world, they started exploring varieties of dishes out of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner to make it every day meal. Favymart aims to serve different types of Indian Organic Millets in USA such as Pearl Millet, Barnyard Millet, Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet etc. exports from India to customers located abroad.


No one in the world knew that part of plants work as health healers before Ayurveda. The Ayurveda Sciences is more than 5000 years old and still acts as a natural healer for most of the disease across the world. Our herbal product range from variety of Indian brands serves to help you improve your Immunity and Health which makes you stronger and healthier. We have wide verities of Indian herbs and herbal products in our health and beauty section.


Indian cookware is always the add-on to any kitchen. We bring Indian cookware range for you at Favymart. We are adding more and more products every week. Something which you don’t find Feel free to reach out to us so that we make it available for you in no time.

Favymart request, encourages customers to share valuable suggestions in adding your favourite Indian products to your favourite store and we will make sure to include them as quick as possible. For any bulk order, Favymart request you to send your requirement through Contact Page and our Team will get back to you ASAP and we promise to ship your orders at best price in market.

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