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7 Grain Atta - 1Kg

Our 24 Mantra Organic 7 Grain Multigrain Atta is made from organic whole grains which are perfectly blended, ground and made into flour which can be made into tasty, fluffy and soft rotis. Our multigrain atta is a unique blend of cereals, millets, and pulses, like wheat, maize, sorghum, mungbean, barley, finger millet (ragi) and soybean. Each of which contribute a unique property to the atta. 

-> 100 % Organic 

-> Grown without synthetic Pesticides

-> Grown without synthetic GMOs

-> A unique combination of cereals, millets and legumes

-> Perfectly blended whole grains

-> Rich source of protein

-> A source of all essential amino acids

-> A good source of dietary fiber

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