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Nutrition value: Protein 11.5g, Fiber 12.5g, Minerals 4.2g, Iron 0.65g, Calcium 0.01g


-> It is gluten-free and rich in nutrients that are essential for the body.

-> It is an incredibly useful source of natural fiber as compared to other food grains.

-> Brown Top Millet comprises 12.5% fiber, which acts as a medicine to deal with several lifestyle diseases.

-> Consumption of Brown Top Millet regularly leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, duodenal ulcers, and hyperglycemia or diabetes. 

Brown Top Millet is rich in fibre, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and many other important minerals. Browntop millet eases constipation and helps in detoxifying the body. It helps to control high blood pressure and acts as a probiotic for respiratory disorders. It is also recommended for skin and arthritis problems. As Brown Top Millet reduces produces a lot of seeds. These millet seeds are used as food, especially by the game birds that are highly attracted. Brown Top Millet doves, ducks, quails, Turkey, and other wildlife depend on these few types of millet planted in dry areas. It provides a cover or protection for slower-growing crops as the Brown Top Millet grass is tall

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