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Keshohills herbal Ayurvedic hair oil is undiluted and contains no added harsh ingredients. Tested for purity with every batch, our oil is pure and safe for even the most sensitive hair type. Moreover, this is perfect non-sticky hair oil. The selection of herbs in Keshohills Ultra Hair Oil is based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy for normal functioning and nourishing hair roots. Additional benefits, refer to improving hair texture and shine. Herbalhills Keshohills Hair Oil is formulated in a nourishing base of Til oil & Coconut Oil enriched with Vitamin E and infused with healing and purifying herbs such as Amla, Methi seeds, Nagarmotha, Bhrugraj, Brahmi, Kamal phool etc. which has anti-dandruff, cooling, antioxidant & neuro-generative properties.

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