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The botanical name of Bael patra Powder is Aegel marmelos. Additionally, this bilva powder may exert antilipidemic, antioxidant and respiratory properties etc properties. Additionally, this bael powder also may depict antimicrobial and antifungal activity. With antifungal, antimicrobial properties, this bael patra powder also may help to control the various infections of the body. Additionally, this bilva powder may help to maintain the lipid level of the blood to promote healthy weight management. Additionally, get this bael powder online, which may prevent constipation and help to support healthy digestion to remove toxins from the body. Furthermore, this bael leaf powder may use in the recovery of healthy heart functioning and thus can be used as a heart tonic too.


-> The medicinal properties of bael patra powder may help to control the lipid levels.

-> Bilva powder may help in maintaining the healthy blood sugar levels.

-> Bael patra powder may help in maintaining a healthy digestive system & metabolism.

-> Baelpatra Powder may useful for respiratory health.

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