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Baheda churna is Terminalia bellirica powder while the common name is bibhitaki powder. Additionally, this bibhitaki powder exerts various medicinal properties to help to relieve digestive disorders. To maintain a healthy living, this digestive disorder relive supplement may possess a strong rejuvenative property. It may help to repair the damaged tissues. Adding to this, the baheda churna may also depict astringent, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial etc. This medicinal properties to relieve respiratory disorders and to restore the resilience. Furthermore, this herbal digestive disorder suppressor may support healthy digestion in natural ways. And so, by combining the efficient medicinal properties and nutritional values, Herbal Hills’s bibhitaki powder (terminalia bellerica powder) may support a great way to restore a digestive health.


-> Baheda Powder may resolve the respiratory problem.

-> Baheda churna may promote healthy digestion.

-> Baheda powder may help to detoxify the body.

-> Baheda Powder for hair may help you gain back the natural beauty of hair.

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