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Promoting Kidney care and managing the healthy urinary tract is a difficult task. And so, Herbal Hills offers Gokshura powder, which acts as a herbal Kidney health supplement and Healthy urinary tract supplement. Nutritional Fact of Gokshur Powder Online = This kidney health supporting herbal supplement may contain alkaloids, amino acids, astrgalin, beta-sitosterol etc. Additionally, this gokhru powder also may contain iron, resins, saponins, vitamin C, tannins, potassium etc. to promot healthy kidney functioning.Furthermore, buy Gokhru powder online to maintain a Kidney health and to support a urinary tract functioning. Additionally, this gokshura powder may help to support the male reproductive tract functioning. Additionally, this Tribulus terrestris supplement may promote kidney and prostate health in a natural way. Thus, buy gokhru powder online at Herbal Hills to assure the optimum safety and premium quality.


-> Electrolyte balancing properties of  Tribulus terrestris may support healthy Urinary tract.

-> Gokshura powder may help in promoting kidney and prostate health.

-> Gokshura churna may help to cleanse the urinary system

-> Gokshura churn may help in urinogenital functioning.

-> Gokshura overall wellness powder with an Aphrodisiac property may help in improving the men’s health and overall stamina.

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