Gotu kola herb is Centella asiaticac while the common name is Mandukparni. Additionally, this Gotu kola leaf powder acts as a herbal brain health supplement to help improve the concentration and to reduce the stress. With numerous nutrients and beneficial medicinal properties, Gotu Kola Leaf Powder is something natural that can help to improve the overall brain health. With a safe and natural property, you can consume this Gotu kola powder to help in promoting the brain functions. Nutritional Value of Gotu Kola Powder = This brain health supplement may contain alkaloids, carotene, iron, pectic acid etc. Additionally, this gotu kola herb powder may has selenium, vitamins, potassium, glycosides, saponins etc. for improved health. Additionally, with a strong stress-relieving properties, this Gotu kola powder may relieve anxiety and stress in a natural way.


-> Cognitive properties of Centella asiatica powder may support brain functions and improve memory, concentration & intellect. And so, it called as a Brain booster powder.

-> Mandukparni supplement may protect against mental degeneration.

-> Nervous system support properties of Gotu kola dried powder may act as a nervine tonic.

-> Anti-anxiety properties of Gotu kola powder may manage stress & keep the mind cool.

-> Centella asiatica for face powder may promote healthy skin and also has a beneficial effect on hair.

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