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Gurmar is Gymnema sylvestre powder and is packed with numerous nutrients to support healthy living. This sugar balance supplement herbal supplement is a rich source of nutrients. These nutrients may include alkaloids, amino acids, flavones, saponins etc. This healthy blood sugar supplement also may contain inositol, formic acid, carboxylic acid etc. to promote healthy living. Additionally, this blood sugar level balancing supplement may exert analgesic, anorectic, antidote, cooling, liver toning etc properties. This lipid level balancing herbal supplement also posses digestive, electrolyte balancing, stimulant, laxative etc, medicinal properties.


-> Gurmar powder is commonly known as madhunashini powder and botanically known as Gymnema sylvestre powder

-> Gurmar powder for blood sugar has hypoglycemic properties, which may help in managing the healthy sugar levels.

-> Gudmar powder may support the healthy lipid levels.

-> The astringent & hepatic stimulant properties of madhunashini powder may help in maintaining the metabolic activities of liver, kidney, and spleen.

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