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Krounchbeej powder has various other names such as kaunch beej churna, kaunch beej powder, etc. while the botanical name is Mucuna pruriens powder. Additionally, this supplement for enegy boosting is known for its rich nutritional value. However, some of the nutrients may contain choline, lecithin, gallic acid, nicotine, etc. Adding to these nutrients, this kaunch beej churna may contain vernolic acid, serotonin, B-stosterol etc. to improve the overall stamina and energy level. Furthermore, this Ayurvedic mucuna pruriens powder may exert Aphrodisiac, nervine, analgesic, recuperative etc. properties to make the life healthy and cheerful. And so, try this Krounchbeej powder (mucuna pruriens powder) from Herbal Hills to live a fruitfull and fit life ahead.


-> The aphrodisiac & revitalising properties of Pure Mucuna pruriens seed powder may support strength, energy & male power.

-> Kapikachu beej powder may help to strengthen immunity and physical stamina.

-> Kounch beej powder may contain the L-Dopa, which may help increase testosterone.

-> The electrolyte balancing properties of mucuna pruriens powder may support healthy kidney functions.

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