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Basically, the botanical name of Lodhra is Symplocos racemosa and is one of the effective women’s health supplement as well as digestive health supplement. Additionally, this lodhra churna is a great source of effective nutrients. However, some of the nutrients of lodhra herb may contain alkaloids, glycosides, oleanolic acid, oxalic acid etc. Adding to these nutrients, Lodhra powder for skin care may exert various beneficial medicinal properties. Some of which, may exert antibacterial, alterant, depressant, blood purifying etc. Moreover, this lodhra herb also may possess stomachic, hepatoprotective, cooling etc. properties to help in maintaining healthy digestion. Thus, trust Herbal Hills for natural Lodhra powder to support healthy hormonal balance in women as well as healthy skin care.


-> The uterine and anti-inflammatory properties of Lodhra powder may support female hormonal balance

-> Lodhra powder for skin may be effective in controlling menorraghia bleeding and leucorrhoea.

-> Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) herbal powder may be beneficial in digestion.

-> Lodhradi powder may help to detoxify the body.

-> Antioxidant properties of  Symplocos Racemosa Bark Powder is optimum for skin health and face care.

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