Pippali root powder (Long pepper root powder) is pack with numerous nutrients to support a process of healthy digestion. However, some of the nutrients may include as alakloids, beta-sitosterol, glycosides, resins etc. Additionally, this pippali mool powder may contain resins, essential oil, glycosides, myrcene etc. to support healthy weight management. To improve digestive health, this Ayurvedic pippali root powder may exert strong digestive, cooling and electrolyte balancing properties. Moreover, this herbal digestive health supplement may possess adaptogenic, analgesic, antibacterial, aromatic, detoxicant etc. properties. Thus, as a result, with all these effective nutrients and beneficial medicinal properties, this piper longum root/ Pippali root powder may support healthy weight management and also helps in dealing with digestive health problems.


-> Pippali churna for support healthy digestion may help to accelerate the digestion process and improves metabolism.

-> Long paper root Powder may help to support healthy respiratory and gastric functions.

-> Pippali root powder may have Vata, Pitia & Kapha balancing properties

-> Pippali root supplement may help support bio-availability of other herbs.

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