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Senna herb is Cassiac anguslifolia and is pakc with multiple nutrients. Additionally, Senna leaf powder may act as one of the effective natural colon cleanser, owing to the nutritional value. However, this natural senna herb may contain flavonoids, resins, salicylic acid, diglucosides, flavonoids, b-sitosterol etc. These nutrients may help to promote healthy digestion and make this senna leaf powder an effective natural colon cleanser. Additionally, these senna supplements also may exert antibacterial, laxative, stimulant, therapeutic etc. properties to support healthy digestion. The natural colon cleanser also poses a strong appetizing and digestive property to help in promoting a healthy digestion.


-> Senna powder known as Cassia Angustifolia or Sonamukhi powder may help in maintaining a healthy bowel system which promotes bowel cleansing.

-> Senna constipation brings the movement of the intestine and ensures complete Bowel evacuation.

-> May Senna leaves powder helps to give relief from constipation

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