Shankhpushpi herb powder is Convolvulus pluricaulis while the common name as winged stem canscora. This Ayurevdic stress relief supplements contain various nutrients to keep people tension free and also to promote healthy living. However, these nutrients may contain potassium, sitosterol, triglyceride, xanthones etc. Additionally, natural shankhpushpi churna also may exert medicinal properties such as nerivne and nootropic to improve the healthy brain functioning. Furthermore, this herbal stress relief supplement may posses antistress, laxative, electrolyte balancing, neuroprotective etc. to help to keep the tension at the bay. With all these nutrients & medicinal properties, Shankhpushpi powder may work as herbal stress relief supplement and Natural brain health supplement.


-> Anxiolytic & antistress properties of Shankhpushpi powder may help maintain optimum functioning of the nervous system.

-> Shankhpushpi herb powder may promote memory and concentration

-> Shankhpushpi plant powder may support healthy blood circulation to the brain and act as a brain tonic.

-> Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricalis) Powder may help to keep the mind calm

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