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This weight management supplement is rich source of beneficial nutrients to promote healthy joint care and to resolve gastric issues. Moreover, this dry ginger root powder may contain alpha pinene, aluminium, beta-carotene, copper iron, riboflavin etc. Additionally, dry ginger powder may contain vitamins, selenium, resins, folate etc. to support healthy living. Furthermore, this supplements for gastritis may exert medicinal properties such as antibacterial, antifungak, anti-inflammatory, detoxiucant etc. It also may depict laxative, immunity boosting, and digestive properties to maintain a stomach health.


-> Sunthi powder has carminative & antibacterial properties.

-> zingiber officinale helps eliminate acidity, gas & stomach problems, thus may support digestive functions.

-> Sunthi ginger powder dry has anti-inflammatory & anti-arthritic properties may help in relieving joint problems.

-> Sunthee / Sunth / Ginger is a valued herb for its stimulant action on the gastrointestinal tract.

-> May use ginger powder for weight loss.

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