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This vijaysar churna is packed with numerous nutrients to act as a sugar control supplement. However, the vijaysar root powder may contain alkaloids, resisns, tannic acid, tannins, etc. to make sure that it provides maximum benefits to the body. Adding to these nutrients, this vijaysar churna may exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic, astringent, detoxicant, carminative etc. Moreover, this vijaysar powder may possess rejuvenative, therapeutic, blood purifying properties to support healthy sugar level management. And so, trust Herbal Hills for manufacturing Ayurvedic Vijaysar wood powder to support sugar management and to support a healthy living.


-> The anti-hyperlipdemic properties of Vijaysar Powder help in reducing total lipid level, low-density lipoprotein and serum triglyceride levels in the body.

-> The blood sugar & hypoglycemic properties of vijaysar powder for lipid levels.

-> Ayurvedic Vijaysar powder may help in the management of all metabolic disorders

-> Vijaysar for healthy blood sugar control & considered to have rejuvenating properties.

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