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Shigru (Moringa powder) is Drumstick and it is packed with beneficial nutrients, which may help to improve the immunity. This Ayurvedic digestive health supplement may contain proteins, alakloids, ascorbic acid, beta carotene, beta sitosterol etc. to support healthy living. Additionally, this herbal moringa leaf powder also may contain folic acid, iron, folate, riboflavin, selenium, vitamins, zinc etc. Adding to these nutrients, this herbal moringa leaf powder may exert blood purifying, stimulant, antiaging, etc properties. Moreover, with strong digestive properties, this moringa powder also supports a immune health. Thus, buy Shigru powder online at Herbal Hills to experience beneifical effects in digestive and immune health.


-> Moringa Drumstick Powder / Shigru powder has nutritional benefits that support a number of bodily functions & organs.

-> All the properties in Moringa leaf powder help in healthy digestion, detox of liver & kidneys.

-> Moringa Drumstick Powder also helps bone and joint wellness.

-> Moringa weight loss powder may help maintain healthy cardiac functions.

-> Moringa leaf powder is also used to prepare Moringa green tea

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