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The common name of turmeric root powder is haldi while the botanical name is curcuma longa powder. Additionally, this turmeric root powder contains various nutrients to support a healthy living. However, this immunity health supplement may contain curcumin, potassium, alkaloids, copper, iron, etc, Moreover, the curcuma longa powder also may contain dietary fiber, manganese, protein, sucrose, vitamins, zinc, riboflavin etc. Furthermore, this immunity health supplement may exert anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, antiaging, blood thinning etc. properties. Adding to these properties, it may possess stimulant, skin tonning, rejuvenative, stimulant, etc. properties. To support a radiant skin and to enhance the overall immune health.


-> The antioxidant, antibacterial & antimicrobial properties of Curcuma longa Powder helps to boost immunity & wound healing.

-> May use Turmeric powder for skin health.

-> Anti-inflammatory properties Turmeric powder helps to reduced pain caused by inflammation of joints.

-> Turmeric powder herbal is considered to have health-promoting properties.

-> Turmeric powder India Supports a healthy immune system and healthy lipid levels.

-> Also known as Turmeric powder for acne pimples & used in Turmeric ginger tea

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