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    Patanjali Swet Musli Churna - 1

Patanjali Swet Musli Churna is known as the herbal Viagra. It rejuvenates the reproductive system, Boosts the strength and stamina. Useful in general debility weakness and loss immunity. It is useful in general debility, weakness & loss of immunity. It is Pure Natural Herbal Product is used to increased sexual strength stamina and power. No Harmful ingredients. Swet Musli Churna from Patanjali contains Safed Musli, a fertility tonic which nourishes the tissues of the mind, nervous and reproductive systems. It is immunity booster, Vajikarak, Rasayan, and a general health tonic. It mainly works on the reproductive and respiratory system. It nourishes the whole body and increases the fertility of males by increasing sperm quantity and quality. 

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