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Boneless Chicken Pickle is a great dish prepared from Chicken Breast and lots of Indian Spices blended together. These non veg pickles are famous in southern part of India which is preferred by entire country with its unique taste. Boneless Chicken Pickle is a favorite dish originated from Southern part of India. It has a unique taste which makes it different from all other dishes.

This is prepared from Indian spices such as:

  • Freshly made Ginger and Garlic paste,
  • Turmeric and Dhaniya Powder
  • Fresh Chilli Powder, Salt
  • Freshly made Garam Masala and many other ingredients.

All these spices are blended with Chicken which were made in to small pieces, deeply fried in oil and kept aside overnight. 

The very next day you eat with Rice, Pulka/Chapati's or any other Food will make your meal delicious. 

At Favy Mart, We prepare authentic Desi pickles with utmost care and in-depth knowledge of Spices to make all foods more delicious.

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